Friday, 27 October 2017


How could he possibly tell her that he was a carrier?
It seemed impossible to have missed such an important detail. Gabby's parents are such meticulous people, and they transferred a little bit of that trait to Gabby. She's done series of tests all her life, so she knew without a doubt her health status.
Gideon on the other hand, besides the usual malaria and typhoid tests every now and again, has done only one other test. His medical during his registration into the University. He felt like slapping himself because he just remembered that he paid his way through and was given a guess analysis of the result.
The drive home seemed to take forever which was a good thing because he wasn't really in so much of a hurry to get there in the first place. But he had to. The earlier the better.
Gabby and their moms have been super busy lately planning a-talk-of-the-town wedding. They want everything to be on point. Although, having hired a trusted event planning company (Kemaliz), they're still following to make sure every tiny detail is on point.
Gabby wants to own her own consulting firm, but plans to attain that have been put on hold until after their wedding.
She has to go on to living her life he thought. She shouldn't put her life on a standstill for something that's not happening anymore. She shouldn't limit..... He snapped out of it when he heard Celine Dion's Because you love me blare from his cell phone. That was Gabby's caller tone. He gave a frail smile as he made to bring the phone from his waist holder.
God! How could he live without this woman whose very existence gives his world so much meaning?
"Hey beautiful. What's up?"
He could feel her excitement from where she was sitting.
"I love it when you call me that. Makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful girl in the world".
Without waiting for a reply, she continued.
"Moms just left not too long ago.... "
They'd both come up with that nickname to address both mothers together.
"...the event planner called to run something by us. Its outta this world babe. And it's going to make our wedding day glamorous. People wouldn't recover on time. I called to run it by you, hear what you have to say and give her a call back. Not that you'd object anyways, I guess I just needed an excuse to hear your voice. How did your day go? Have you gotten the test results? Where are you? How early will you make it home?"
"Haha. Slow down babe..." Yes, she babbles a lot when she's excited you'll have to actually strain to keep up with the conversation. ".....I'm five minutes away from home. Hold your breath, we'll talk about everything when I get home".
Laughing, she said "OK darl. See you in a few. Love you", and with that she was gone.
The tears came in torrents. He held on to the steering for dear life, but it wasn't enough. He pulled to the side curb and parked his car. It felt like he was choking on his own tears and sweat.
He had to pull himself together, and handle the situation like a man. After all, whatever decision he will take will be for their own good. He couldn't put both of them through such painful ordeal. It had to be done.
He took deep breaths, wiped his eyes, and looked himself in the mirror to make sure he didn't look like he'd been crying.
When he felt he was OK, he pulled out of the sidewalk and drove home.
"Sweetie, I'm home".
Like a flash, she sprung herself into his arms, and was kissing him with so much ardor. She planted wet kisses all over his face, his neck. He felt himself go weak on the knees, and knew if he didn't find a seat soon, they'd both be on the floor. While she was still kissing him, he made his way to the couch and dropped them on it.
"I can't wait to be married to you..." she was saying amidst kisses. "...I can't wait to spend the rest of my life as your wife. I can't wait to become Mrs...."
He couldn't let her finish as he deepened the kiss. Slowly, he slid his hands underneath her lacy tank top and found bare boobs. The hardness of her nipple made him hard immediately. He grabbed them with both hands while his mouth still worked magic on hers, swallowing her every moan. She fiddled with his tie until she was able to pull it apart, and found the buttons on his shirt. They flew flying in different directions because she wasn't patient enough. 

In no time, they were both topless, with neither willing to concede. They kissed deep throaty kisses. He bent down, took one nipple in his mouth, and the other between his thumb, and he made her moan, and groan and give tiny shrills. She got up from him, and made for his belt. Impatiently, she drew his trousers and boxers down and freed his already hard self. Slowly, she bent down and took his full length in her mouth, licking and sucking and massaging.
He let out gasps, moans as he wriggled his waist like a little snake on the couch while she drove him crazy bit by bit. As she made to drive him into her he blurted out, "We can't get married".
Talk about wrong timing. He hadn't the slightest idea when that escaped from his lips.
Gabby who didn't think she had heard write stood up and looked him over. "Is that a joke? I hope it is".
"It isn't babe. Please, sit down. We have to talk". They suddenly became conscious of their funny states. She was almost half naked, and he was stark naked. But, what the heck!
She pulled the center table closer and sat on it.
"OK, talk. I'm listening".
But, was she really? Her mind had gone from sane to crazy in an instant. She didn't even know she was thinking straight anymore. She wanted to believe though that he was being Gideon and pulling her legs.
He didn't know where to start from. There was no easy way to say this. There was no right way either, so he was just going to blurt it out and wait for what comes next.
"I collected the result of the tests they ran on me today, and it shows that I'm a carrier "
Her whole senses were on alert at this point. "HIV?"
"God! No. How can you even say that?" He sounded hurt. He felt hurt actually. How can she say that when she's the only girl he's really been with?
"Look, I'm sorry love. But what else can you possibly be carrying if not HIV?"
"I'm a sickle cell carrier. I'm AS, and you're AS too"
"Is that it?", she asked laughing.
"Come on babe, what century are you in? For a minute, you got me worked up and almost scared. But it's not a biggie. We have a thousand and one options. You know what's more, we have money". She stood up and made to pick up from where they left off, but Gideon wasn't having it.
"Listen to me Gabby, I don't think I can. I can't put you through all that heartbreaking tests and activities. I won't also be able to live with myself knowing I'd be responsible for bringing children to this world to suffer"
"Are you sure this isn't about another woman?"
"How could you even say that?", he roared.
She threw herself at him and held on for dear life. She had to make him see reason. She told him of all the countless ways it would work. How there was money to foot all the medical bills they'd incur. How it wasn't that big of a deal to call off their wedding. How their love above all else was going to see them through, but he wasn't having any of it.
As much as there was sense in what she was saying, fate had a way of giving people a huge blow he told her.
She called both parents, but Gideon's mind was made up. There was nothing anybody could do to make him change it. If they all chose to be unreasonable, well, he'd be the voice of reason and stand his ground.
Gabby was broken. She couldn't be around him or the country anymore, so she booked a flight and made for the UK.

Alex used to work at a pet store. She decided to remain in the UK after her studies.
Two months after Gabby arrived in UK, she was still very lonely. Existing rather than living. Nothing amuses her anymore. Life felt way too small. Being a pet lover, she decided to get a dog, maybe two.
Alex was on duty the day Gabby walked in to get the animal. And they struck a conversation. Alex being an all-round free spirit gave Gabby a good laugh after a very long time. She helped her pick out the animal, and before Gabby left, she invited her over for dinner at her place.
Alex got there quite on time. Gabby had just returned from the grocery store, when the bell went off. She welcomed her to her home, Alex offered to make dinner with her. Together they sell 4th about the kitchen, laughing like old friends, sharing stories, experiences, and memories.
Gabby didn't know when she did it, but she found she'd told Alex everything about her breakup with Gideon. Suddenly, she burst into tears. She felt transparent. She felt open, but at the same time, she felt relief. Turned out all she needed after all was a good ear. Alex rushed to her side, gave her a hug whilst whispering soothing words into her ear, assuring her that everything would be fine. Telling her that she had found a friend in her. How she was going to share in her pain. How...
She pulled back, held Gabby's shoulder, raised her jaw up to stare into her eyes, and.....
And that was going to be the beginning of Gabby's journey into revenge and a bitter comeback

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


And in walked Gaby. I stopped dead in my tracks because I was lost as to what was happening. Alex didn't even try to cover her naked body from the intruder that just got in. 
Apparently, Alex is bisexual, and Gabby is her partner. Surprisingly, Gabby was amongst the three people we were waiting for earlier today to sit in on the presentation. 
I had to know what was going on with these two. Gabby had not said a word. She just stood holding the doorknob, perusing Alex like she had never seen her before. 
I followed her gaze, and for the first time I saw what made her a beautiful damsel. 
She had long, smooth, straight legs, with a hips that's larger than life giving her the shape of an hour glass. Her waist were so thin you'd hardly ever know they were there. Her burst were not so big, but they were firm, with sharply pointed nipples. When she smiled, she had a beautiful dimple. 
Snap out of it dude! Bringing myself back to earth, I had to know what was happening here. 
Gabby was engaged to be married to Gideon back in 2015. 
They'd met in the University whilst doing there registrations, and struck a relationship from there. 
Everyone who knew Gabby, knew Gideon. They were really compatible, and had the best of chemistry. 
After their first year in their different hostels, they thought it wise to move in together rather than be apart. So, they both hunted for the house together and found one that was perfect for them. 
Their relationship was basking strong, and they felt both families had to get involved. 
oroma lisetta (author the colleague series)

Gabby who comes from a very rich home was scared what her parents’ reaction would be towards Gideon. Considering they had placed such high standards for suitors. Her dad, used to be one time Vice President of Exon Mobil. He was a retired lecturer from the outstanding Harvard University. Her mother on the other hand, had two doctorate degrees. One in Home Management, the other in Psychology. At the time, she was building her own hotel. So, whoever was going to be their prospect oh very son-in-law had to be on point. 
Gideon's parents on their other hand were not paupers. They were comfortable folks who didn't have as much affluence as Gabby's folks. 
Gideon's dad was a retired Director of Human Resources from the Federal Ministry of Transport. While his mom was a matron at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. 
Gabby didn't disclose her concerns to Gideon. She decided to take a leap of faith. Having been her dad's favorite girl, she had always got what she wanted. She had never quarreled with him either, but on this issue, she was going to stick to her guns. 
The weekend they were scheduled to go to her parent's house, Gabby went on a shopping spree. She got clothes for Gideon she knew her parents wouldn't object to. She refused to tell him get reason for doing that, but gave him the smile that had the power to correct all her wrongs. She was glad she had that effect on him amongst others. 
The drive to her parent's house was a quiet one, each of them in a world of their own. 
"Madam, we don reach". It took the voice of the cab driver to get them out of their reverie. 
"Oh. OK Musa. Thank you. Please, don't forget. Sunday afternoon by 2pm".
He nodded in agreement and drove off after they had come down. 
Gideon stood transfixed at the gigantic structure before him. He knew her parents were wealthy, but he didn't know they were this wealthy. The compound was interlogged, with a beautiful garden on the left side. There was a car park of at least six cars. It looked like something out of a dreamland. 
The door flung open and a man stepped out. Clad in shorts, a polo shirt and flip-flops. He was very hairy, with full beards all turned white. 
"You must be Gideon. I'm Mr Scott. Gabby's dad".
Gideon who had always been outspoken was stuttering. He shook the hands before him and mumbled something that sounded like good afternoon as they all made it inside. 
"Hi. You're Gideon. We've heard so much about you". She said as she pulled him in for an embrace. 
"Come, sit down. You're just in time for lunch".
Gabby who has been quiet, trying to observe her parent's countenance, released a breath of relief and became lively. Her parents loved Gideon and made his weekend a very memorable one.
After that weekend, Gideon's perception of Gabby changed. He loved her even more. Coming from such a wealthy background, she was humble to a fault. That to him was great. Her parents were too. And they were welcoming. In fact, before the weekend had ended, he took to calling them mom and dad. 
The visit to Gideon's home was for the next weekend. Gabby went out of her way to buy so many things. From foodstuffs, to provisions, to a very beautiful wrapper for his mom. She wasn't seeking acceptance though, she was generous like that. His parents weren't any different. They loved her immediately they set eyes on her, and made sure she enjoyed every minute she spent with them that weekend. 
It became a normal thing for both of them visiting their parents respectively. And the relationship extended to both families. The friendship was basking strong. 
After their final exams, Gabby's folks threw a party for them to celebrate their first degree, and presented them with documents to go abroad for their Master's degree after their National Youth Corp. It was a moment of joy and plenty of emotions. 
They completed their youth service program, moved to the UK, did their Master's degree. The day they were to return home to Nigeria, Gideon couldn't think of anything better to do, so he popped the question; "will you marry me?"
Amidst tears and laughter she hugged him with a big yes. 
Life was indeed very rosy for both of them. She couldn't contain her joy, so she put a call through to his parents, and then hers to tell them the big news. 
Both families were giddy with joy and couldn't wait to take their friendship to the next level. 
When they got back home to Nigeria, with the influence of Mr Scott, Gideon was able to secure a job as the Head of Programs, Quest Media Services. 
It was a huge stepping stone in his career. 
After his interview, and acceptance, based on company's policy, he had to do some series of general test to check if he was fit enough for the job. 
It was after he received the result of this test that all hell broke loose. 
It felt like he was living a dream, and would soon wake up to realise that it was all a lie. 
Why was fate so cruel? Why did life have to land him such a huge blow? How does he move past this? How could he break this news to his fiancee who's been nothing but an Angel all these years? Too many questions racing through his mind as he made his way home. He couldn't bring himself to tell her that all the years they've been together was going to become some distant memory soon. He couldn't possibly tell her that life was paying a quick one on them. How could he tell her that he was ………….