Sunday, 1 January 2017

I hated 2016 so well. It flashed in my sight my supposed life partner but took it away. I felt it was the prospect but I never knew it was just a spy into the future. Providence has a way of dealing with us all when it comes to life’s challenges that are not based on just natural principles but also divine. The search for a life partner has been one with many hassles for many men. I wasn’t left out if this in 2016 also. 

I was sitting alone reminiscing over the last erotic incidence that just occurred. The bottle of heineken was getting too slow to finish as I have exhausted my energy completely. I wasn’t bothered about what I did as to who I did it with. How fast it was and good it was. 

I heard a knock on my door and it was a lady I never knew. She was carrying bags like someone coming from a mall shopping groceries for a nation. I opened the door with questions and all she did was point down for me to see it was my girlfriend who just came back from her shopping experience again. She had just aided her to bring the things up. I helped in carrying some to the kitchen as I don’t like to litter the sitting room and off she went as Aisha came upstairs looking so exhausted. 

I welcomed her with a hug and asked what she wanted to use all these things for and from the explanations made I know it wasn’t meant for me at all. In twenty minutes she was ready to go home. She needed me to drive her home. Practically the only role I play apart from sex. I willingly carried everything back downstairs and drove her gently back home. 

I felt like stopping over at Johnson’s place but the sight of the girl that helped her bring those things upstairs refreshed in my memory again and speedily I was at my gate. She was still sitting at the balcony when I came back. She greeted me as I invited over to my place. She came without any complains and before you knew it we have started scattering my well-arranged sitting room. I pulled off her clothes in less than a minute and we held on to ourselves like hungry wild animals looking for who to devour. I was active in her as she responded like she has always wanted it. I didn’t believe Aisha will forget anything but she forgot her house key. The cab was waiting outside the house as she came upstairs to get her key and she opened the door………..
These are the kind of stories I wrote in 2016 but 2017 is with another twist……………….

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016


We all believe in visions. Dreams become realities and big dreams might sometimes become an invention. Being the first in a feat was my intention. That pushed me into so many activities from childhood through my teenage days and adulthood. I was brave. I took bold steps that even guys that were cohorts couldn’t dare. 

I had a sense for big things. I mean big things. When I had the first opportunity to express what I wanted to become in life; I told my teacher I wanted to be a pilot. She smiled and said that was more of what men do and suggested I should be a nurse. There was a surge in my anger that day. I felt being a woman was a disadvantage but I still kept pushing on. I had all the support I needed and I was more than focused. I knew I was going to make my family proud and I was going to be a name that the world will reckon with. I will break a lot of jinxes about the feminine gender. I was more than determined but the society I found myself wasn’t determined to allow my push to the next level.
To be a pilot one must be a graduate of a university…… I wasn’t favoured to be one. Not that I dropped out; I never had an admission. Not that I failed jamb; I never got to the point of writing SSCE. Not that there was no money to further my education but some activities that are societally orchestrated juxtapose the determination that I once proposed within. Being the girl child I suffered alone for the wrong of two people. 

Have you ever wondered how society view women? Infidelity sounds feminine and how the woman is the owner of the house. The African man can marry as many wives as he wants but the woman must sit at home in slavery and forced humility which is supported by all religious quotes from all aspects. Have you ever wondered how they used to flog women who cheated on their husband but left the guy they cheated with? Many wonders fill the atmosphere on the injustice done to the womanhood but none of it can be changed by me. 

It was the end of the year and many people came back home from the city. The local school which I attended organized an end of the year party where awards were given to the best students in all ramifications. I was one of the students to be decorated this very day. I lost sleep three days to the event. The cars were slowly driving into the town and everybody was amazed at how great this year’s party would be. Passers-by roamed the front of our compound chanting congratulations as the whole city has heard about my wonderful results and push for greatness. My carriage and countenance has greatly risen beyond mediocrity and I knew nothing was stopping me. Different sections were formed in school and we were assigned to different problems. There was ushering, traffic, I was in the protocol department. It was a day to the great event. I needed to rush to the tailor after rehearsals to check how fit my cloth was. The beauty of the event has played itself over and over again in my head. I couldn’t wait to be applauded. I was walking away from the school hall when the principal saw me and called out my name. I ran to his office as I greeted him and the two young men standing beside him. 

The principal introduced me first to them……… this is one of my brightest student. She is obviously going places. I pray nothing stops her. The young men nodded and the principal introduced them to me. Surprisingly one was a pilot. I asked him again if he meant a pilot…. And he answered yes. I forgot I was supposed to be decent but uncontrollably I jumped on him and there was the beginning of our escapades. That evening I was in his family house and we sat at the back in the big compound under a mango tree. He brought some drinks from Lagos and we sipped in tots. We were talking about the Boeing 737 when I suddenly felt a hand rubbing over my body. The drink was intoxicating but I was still in control.  It’s a lot smoother than our average palm wine thus a next gulp is always calling.  I didn’t think a pilot could be wrong also thus drinking with him was with pleasure. Finally as co-pilot we should be able to share a lot. Right there under the mango tree, I gave in. I didn’t only give in my body but I also gave up my dreams. From the squeezes to the whispers in my ear, my body started shivering and I felt a wetness in between my legs. I wanted to stop him but his hand was there and as the shadows of the night arose; I gave in completely under the mango tree.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


Every morning saw a new trend. Sport wears was on the increase as the new attire. Even slim people hit the street in a quest to sweat out what I don’t know. There was a sudden increase in the orientation of fat kills. Obesity was the new scary disease. Hypertension was immediately related to junk foods and all was to hit the gym. Same way we were saving lives medically as proposed some other ladies were in the business of meeting people. They jump from group to group in search of greener pastures. Whatever can make you leave your house in the morning to come work out means you have in excess. And they don’t demand much but just …….. Fill in the blank spaces. 

I was also a victim. With massive weight gain I hit the gym also. Subconsciously I added weight. Substituting our African lifestyle for western lifestyles, we were caught in the web. We drive all the way without trekking and we also left our food for theirs. Suddenly I preferred sharwama to Eba, eating pizza instead of Fufu. Basmati rice was taking away my Ofada rice and burgers were just like snacks. Beer overtook palm wine and Hennessey was now our own Paraga. We lost moderation and in excess the body lost shape. 

Buying the kits to train was the first concern as the price was too much compared to what I intended. I spent close to 70,000 naira to buy just two sets of kits for aerobics and treadmills. I settled into the class and the first week saw a mess of me. I thought I was fit until I joined the class. (Every program was a hit from back to back). Pains originated from within as if they were hiding. In two weeks I was familiar with everybody. We played so well in the group and our Whats App page created an avenue for extensive knowledge of whoever wanted to increase the capacity of their friendship. I wasn’t interested at first until Sheila came. 

I travelled for a while thus the class has increased by the time I came back. Almost everybody missed me and I felt so good to be home. I struggled my way to the fitness capacity I wanted and after class our gossip began. I always have a listening ear. Johnson walked up to me and said, can’t you see our new student. She is hot. I turned to look at her and the curves became a reality. I didn’t believe I was in the same group with this lady in the last two hours and I didn’t notice her. I didn’t mind what they might say as I stood up and walked up to her. 

My name is Michael and you are ….. Sheila she said as she turned her face. I continued the conversation like I was in a lonely world and I needed to make a friend or die. She gave audience and the talk took the next twenty minutes. I asked if she drove down to the gym or she needed a little help. She declined first and with a little conviction she accepted. The distance was short but I was slower. I didn’t wish to leave her sight. I cancelled work for the day as I asked her for lunch. She accepted reluctantly like she wasn’t hungry and when she asked where I was taking her to for lunch I knew I was almost there. Ekaette can’t be your cook and you take a girl out for lunch. The dining table was set for us before we got back home. I was neatly dressed to go pick her up. There were three food options and she pick from just one. It was a light eat as we talked as I made my intentions known. She asked if I wasn’t married and I told her the truth…….. I’m about to. She wasn’t too bothered.
 I asked her to come with me as I led her to my room. She sat on the bed and was looking at me as if she will kick me if I came closer. I sat beside her and turned her head towards me. Slightly the head came closer and the kiss began. It grew in intensity with fondling of breast. She was really prepared for this. I slowly pulled up her to expose the fruity spheres and my concentration left the mouth for the boobs. I struggled to take it slow but she pushed my head down. I raised the skirt to look under like I was looking for something missing. And with a stretched hand to initiate the penetration, she asked the question what are we doing? I was surprised…… like does it look like swimming? She stopped me and said if it was sex that I wanted, its 20,000 naira. I thought she was joking at first but after a while I discovered if I don’t bring out the twenty thousand I was the one joking. I told her I didn’t have cash on me and surprisingly she had her own POS machine. Where is your ATM? Then I knew the hustle was real. I pulled out my ATM and inserted it. Savings or current she demanded and I said current. She typed in 200000 naira instead 0f 20000 naira. It was when I was done that I saw the alert. That was where the problem started. I called her and the response was “the number you are calling does not exist”. I can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow.